Katy gets Laid

If you’re into kickball or rugby (seemingly the two most popular pastimes at Glencoe Park), you may already know that construction crews are hard at work laying down the next segment of the Katy Trail.

Phase III, which includes McCommas to (and through) Glencoe Park and Twin Sixties to Skillman, is scheduled to be complete by March 2011.   

Phase IV will extend the trail all the way to White Rock Station by September 2011 and will finally link the Katy and White Rock Trails.

That leaves a big gap (Phase VI) that will literally be bridged by October 2011 (if all goes as planned).  In fact, there will be two bridges – one over Mockingbird Lane, and the other over the DART tracks north of Mockingbird Station.

The bridge over Mockingbird will be iconic to say the least, with three 70 ft high support towers and a 459 ft long deck suspended in the air by cables.  Construction on the bridge begins this December. 

Dallas will never be the same!


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