Bike to City Hall with BFKH

Join Bike Friendly KH on Wednesday morning as we cycle out to Union Station and then on to City Hall Plaza. We leave from the Mockingbird DART station, near the Angelika at 7.00 am and from Pearl Cup at 7.30 to arrive at Union Station for 8.00. After meeting other bicycle groups from around the metroplex – on to City Hall!

Image credit: BFOC

Further details on the Bike Friendly OC site

We’ll cycle up to meet groups from all over the city at Union Station at 8am again this year. At about 8:15am we’ll all head up to the City Hall Plaza for a quick press conference. We’ll get the update on bike plan progress and we’ll hear from our most vocally supportive City Council representatives including Scott Griggs (and maybe even the mayor?) We’ll wrap things up by 9am so folks can head off to work, but we’ll have a map of the bike plan for you to check out if you’d like to stick round.

Join us in this demonstration of the strength of our cycling community and our massive support for a bike friendly city.

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