Vive la Revolution!

Today we celebrate Bastille Day, which commemorates a pivotal moment in French history leading up to the French Revolution.  These days, French society is undergoing a different kind of revolution.  Our reporters in the field send the following evidence of a full-blown bicycle revolution sweeping the French-speaking world:

Paris has installed 273 miles of bike lanes / cycle-tracks since the late 1990s and will soon install 162 miles more. The city is also home to the largest bike sharing network in the world, which allows Paris residents to check out one of the more than 20,000 shared bikes from any of the 1,800 bike sharing stations around the city.

On this side of the Atlantic, Montreal has 312 miles of bike lanes and cycle-tracks on the ground with plans for 32 more miles to be installed soon. Like Paris, Montreal has an extensive bike-sharing network with 3,000 bicycles available at 300 stations around the city.

So, are we on the cusp of a cycling revolution?  We hope so!  We do have a bit of that French revolutionary spirit in our civic DNA after all!


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