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7 Responses to “Contact”
  1. R Wharton says:

    I live in Uptown. Who are you guys, and where do you hang out?

    I also teach Bike Ed classes. Think you could link to the tabs that offer it?

    • We live in Uptown and East Dallas and we hang out all over town. Some of our favorite spots are in the Henderson, Greenville, and McKinney areas. We’d be glad to link to your Bike Ed classes. Feel free to email us a logo too.


  2. Warren says:

    Hey guys, just found the site and am pumped about the ride next month. I look forward to the day when a cyclist can be safe on the roads in Texas… Just wondering if the stickers are designated for businesses only? I would love to add it to my car rack and advertise a bit…

  3. Dallas says:

    You should check out Google Maps today. They announced a new Bike Maps and Bike Directions feature. If you compare DFW to Houston or Austin (Or even freaking Amarillo) you can really see the disparity and how embarrassed DFW should be.

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