Two not to be missed…..

Two events not to be missed this weekend of very different flavours. Firstly, “Lions & Lambs” on 11AM Saturday over at Transit Bikes in the West Village. This is an alley cat race event with beer and food benefiting SXSFixed, a ride from Dallas to Austin on, as the name suggests, fixed geared bikes – no coasting. … Continue reading

Midsummer Night’s Spin

  ‘To bike or not to bike’ … what kind of a question is that?  Biking to Shakespeare in the Park at Samuell-Grand Park is the only way to roll as far as we’re concerned!  So, join us on Friday, July 16th for a midsummer’s night spin.  The feature for the night will be The Comedy … Continue reading

Opposite Day

There’s a lot we could say about Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson’s inaugural ride:  The weather was warm; the crowd was huge; the bike lanes were plentiful – except it wouldn’t be true.  What is true though, is that those who did come out enjoyed a truly wonderful afternoon of riding with a great group of friends … Continue reading

Picnic for two…hundred!

What better way to celebrate the start of spring than a picnic and a bike ride with 200 of your closest friends? We’ll be meeting up near the Angelika Theater at Mockingbird Station at 2:00 on Sunday, March 21st.  From there, we’ll ride through the M Streets to New Flower Market on Henderson, where we’ll … Continue reading

Love conquers all

Neither cold, nor wind, nor big double-parked NBA All-Star Game charter buses could get in the way of another amazing ride organized by Bike Friendly Oak Cliff.  As usual, the turnout was great, and the ride was a blast!  Our friends at Biking in Dallas and Bike Friendly Richardson have a couple of fantastic photo essays of the … Continue reading

Big date

Our good friends at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff are holding their first group ride of the year on Valentine’s Day (Sunday, February 14th if you haven’t been following).  The rendezvous is set for 2:00 p.m. at the lovely Main Street Garden in downtown.  If you didn’t already have a date, now you do!

Monday night lights

Ever been out on a quiet Monday night, just having some yogurt or playing a friendly game of Jenga, when out of the darkness comes a swarm of blinking red lights?  Our friends at Onespeed Dallas and have a perfectly logical explanation: