Postcards from Portland

Portland, Oregon is often pointed to as the poster child of American bike-friendliness.  Despite it’s persistently drizzly weather, Portland has the highest rate of bicycle commuting of the 30 largest cities in America.  Why is this?  On a recent trip to Portland, here’s what we found: Think there’s a place for any of these applications in … Continue reading

The great debate

As Dallas prepares to embark on the first significant city-wide bicycle plan revision in decades, we will inevitably soon be having the same sorts of philosophical debates that every city has when trying to balance the needs of cyclist, motorists, businesses, residents, etc.  In many ways, this debate has been simmering for some time in Dallas, but up until … Continue reading

A world of difference

Anyone who has ventured out beyond the confines of our metroplex lately has probably noticed that streets aren’t what they used to be.  From New York to Montreal, from Paris to Tel Aviv, cities everywhere are making space for bicycles.  Major streets without built-in bicycle lanes/paths/tracks are becoming as rare as computers without built-in modems.  … Continue reading