Midsummer Night’s Spin


‘To bike or not to bike’ … what kind of a question is that?  Biking to Shakespeare in the Park at Samuell-Grand Park is the only way to roll as far as we’re concerned!  So, join us on Friday, July 16th for a midsummer’s night spin.  The feature for the night will be The Comedy of Errors, which much to our surprise is not about The City of Dallas’ previous bike plan. 

Purchase advance tickets to the show here.  We’ll meet at the Pearl Cup at 6:30 p.m., but you may want to make a stop at Newflower Market to grab some picnic supplies and a bottle of wine.  All of the above are welcome inside the park. We will depart Pearl Cup promptly at 6:45.

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  1. […] July 16: Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson is inviting you to a Midsummer Night’s Spin. They are biking to Shakespeare in the Park at Samuell-Grand Park to watch The Comedy of Errors. […]

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