CycleChic Dallas: Nothing Quite So Nice as a Lady on a Bike

JignaWe thought it would be fun to profile & interview normal people who ride bikes around Dallas! First on deck is Jigna! If you want to be profiled you can comment here or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Jigna, what kind of bike do you ride?

My husband custom built my bike for me (its that teal gem in the photo above!!) He and his friend decide to buy some old bikes at the local police auction and then customize them, just as a hobby. The hobby has now metamorphosed into an obsession! I choose the cool teal/turquoise colour and my husband added the cool extras like the “art deco” fenders, the useful yet stylish black bike rack and the cute golden bell. It’s a work in progress (as is his own bike which he built also). The more you bike the more you desire other extras, for example Liz recently forwarded me the link to The Bicycle Muse (cool chic cycling website) and I am now coveting the handlebar handbag rack, I think it is a must have!

How often do you cycle, and why? Maybe once or twice a week. I mainly cycle to get to local places like yoga classes, the pub, lunch, grocery shopping and Bike Friendly Knox Henderson rides! I love and appreciate the exercise and environmental benefits too. Ever since moving to Dallas I have resented having to drive absolutely everywhere, due to the lack of bike and public transport. I am not a big fan of the car. We have often used public transport, some days for our commute to work and other events, for example concerts at American Airlines and events in Deep Ellum. I have always appreciated living in our neighborhood; we have often walked to various different places. But since meeting the bike friendly folk we have been biking to even more places for dinner, drinks and various different events. We have absolutely loved it! My only regret is not having met you guys as soon as we moved to Dallas!

Have you had any friendships begin through cycling? Yes, with you Liz! In June when we were on the Twilight Jazz Ride as we met up at The Pearl Cup,, a guy walked past and enquired as to who we were, he then went home got his bike and joined us for our ride, a new friend!

What is the best thing about cycling in Dallas? Noticing that there really are some pretty green spaces in Dallas that you miss when driving in your car. Being outside as opposed to cooped up in the A/C all day every day! I also love the recognition and camaraderie amongst bikers in Dallas; it’s like belonging to a cool club! Our local Dallas neighborhoods have great local restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars but often parking is a real problem, so if we bike to McKinney Ave, Henderson, Knox, West Village parking a bike is often a lot easier than parking a car!

What could be done in Dallas to encourage more women to cycle?
I think everyone would appreciate safer bicycle specific routes between neighborhoods. For example, West Village has the Katy Trail and the Bishop Arts District is great for local riding, but to get between the two is not exactly easy or safe (for a novice like me), or even to get across Freeway 75 from Knox to Henderson or across Freeway 75 from the Katy Trail to Mockingbird Station. We also need more places to safely park bicycles.

What is your favorite outfit to cycle in? Skirts, sandals, sunglasses and sun cream! I have started to wear a hat too, extra protection from the Texas sunshine! I recently put together a “Cycle chic” purple messenger bag. The bag had short handles and loops, and so I attached old yoga mat carrier straps to the loops, and there you have it a purple cycle chic messenger bag!

The best way to hydrate between rides: Pink wine is a must have! And water, of course. Some of the local places offer a discount to bikers also, if they have Bike Friendly Knox Henderson sticker displayed, just enquire within, for example The Pearl Cup has a discount, and their lattes are divine, although in this heat probably the iced drinks are the best option. I love picnics and we have some great green spaces, for example Turtle Creek Park and Revechorn Park within a short bike ride great places to stop rest up, hydrate and bike on!

Thank you to Jigna! Who’s next?


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