Bike to the Future!

Once upon a time, Dallas was a compact city where people had a variety of transportation options.  Streetcars served every neighborhood, pedestrians had the right of way, and even bicycling was more than just a recreational activity.  Somewhere in the early 1950s that all changed.  We, as a city bought into the promise of a better life through motoring!  We tore out our streetcars, made our streets one-way to speed up traffic, and relegated walking to shopping malls and treadmills only. 

This lifestyle served us well for a while, and all the road-building, and car-selling sure did keep a lot of people busy.  Until, one day, we looked around and noticed that our lives look nothing like the pretty pictures of American life that we see in movies.  No kids riding their bikes to school, no waving to the friendly neighbor on the way to the bus stop, no walking to the neighborhood pub or diner.  All the livability of our cities had somehow vanished.

It took a long time to dig ourselves into this hole, and it will take a long time to dig ourselves out, but on May 27th, we can begin to change our future!

Come out to Dallas City Hall starting at 5:00 p.m. to share your views on bicycling in Dallas.  Sure, bicycles are not the answer to all our problems, but they are sort of the canary in the coal mine.  Cities that have vibrant bicycle cultures just tend to be more “livable” all-around. 

We encourage people to bike to the meeting (but we recognize that the weird start-time may make that tough for most people).  If you work downtown, we’ll be organizing a group ride from Pearl Cup on Henderson at 7:30 that morning.  After work, just bike on over to City Hall for the meeting.

Bring your best ideas too.  The city (and their consultants) want to know what our vision for biking in Dallas is, but also what specific roadblocks there might be in each of our neighborhoods that keep us from biking more often today.  This will be the first of many such meetings over the next year or so, and the city has even created a website were you can keep track of the process.   Please help spread the word, and lets get the future rolling!

One Response to “Bike to the Future!”
  1. Dallasm says:

    I wish I could join, but I’ll be in Boulder, CO that day. Have fun.

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