The great debate

1 Car - 12 Bikes - Same Space

As Dallas prepares to embark on the first significant city-wide bicycle plan revision in decades, we will inevitably soon be having the same sorts of philosophical debates that every city has when trying to balance the needs of cyclist, motorists, businesses, residents, etc. 

In many ways, this debate has been simmering for some time in Dallas, but up until now its been mostly hypothetical with few actionable proposals up for discussion.  Soon that will change.  

At the May 27th bike plan public meeting (details coming soon…really!), participants will have the opportunity to not only share their over-all vision for a more bike-friendly city, but also to point out very specific issues that may be standing in the way of making their particular neighborhoods more bikable (i.e. a difficult intersection to cross, a lack of bike racks, broken pavement, etc.)

If the experience of other cities is any indication, bike-friendly proposals will be challenged by some as anti-car or even anti-business.  We reject these notions.  We would simply like to see a more balanced approach to our infrastructure development – one that recognizes that the last 60 years of automobile-oriented development has not reduced congestion, but has in many ways reduced the quality of life in our cities.  A bicycle-friendly city CAN also be a business-friendly city (even if it means losing a few parking spots), and this has been proven time after time after time

So, start gathering your ideas and keep spreading the word.  May 27th, is going to be a big day for the future of our city!


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