Chain: $13. Seat: $10. Building Your Own Bike: Priceless.

We recently blogged about restoring an old bike into something new. Here’s a road bike one of the BFKH co-founders rebuilt! If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas on where to begin, this bike could be a good starting point for someone who wants a simple one-speed road bike bike to get from A to B.

New bike hanging out at the office

1980’s Raleigh Gran Sport frame and fork, including headset, bottom bracket, crank, stem, and handlebars: $75 (used)

Single speed wheels, including tires and rear freewheel with cog: $60 (used)

Chain: $13

Seat: $10 (used)

Seatpost: $15

Brake levers: $10 (used)

Brakes: $75

Brake cables and housings: $13

Grips: $8

Pedals: clip-in style pedals taken from mountain bike (basic flat pedals will cost about $10-$20)

Total spent: $279

For under $300, you can turn an old frame into something new and fun! And the satisfaction of having rescued an old bike frame and built something yourself is… priceless.

2 Responses to “Chain: $13. Seat: $10. Building Your Own Bike: Priceless.”
  1. Mr_Christopher says:

    Stuff like this truly is priceless in my opinion. I have converted, and over-hauled a few bikes and nothing compares to the joy of having a bike exactly to your own taste.

    You probably can’t find anything new that’s as nice as what you now have in that price range. Bravo!

  2. bike911 says:

    Beautiful bike! I can’t wait to build my own bike.

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