Love conquers all

Neither cold, nor wind, nor big double-parked NBA All-Star Game charter buses could get in the way of another amazing ride organized by Bike Friendly Oak Cliff.  As usual, the turnout was great, and the ride was a blast!  Our friends at Biking in Dallas and Bike Friendly Richardson have a couple of fantastic photo essays of the Valentine’s Day event.

Even though it’s still pretty cold outside, spring is right around the corner!  Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson will be marking the season of bloom with our very first group ride on March 21st.  So, mark your calendars and get ready to ride into spring with BFKH!  We’ll be posting all the details about the route and the day’s planned festivities soon.

8 Responses to “Love conquers all”
  1. Hi! Nice Post. I’m curious why Bike Friendly is organizing by neighborhood. We have a BFOC (Oak Cliff) and now Henderson. Are there more? Why not BF Dallas? BF Ft.Worth organized, built a plan and got it built. Wouldn’t that be easier as one BF Town and not a bunch of BF neighborhoods?

    • Hi Christian,

      Most of the BF groups are neighborhood based simply because they are grass-roots movements. The approach of each is slightly unique and what works for one part of town may not be the best solution in another. At the same time, the professional staff at the City of Dallas (as well as other cities) are developing more city-wide bicycle plans. As these plans are developed, each of the BF groups will help advocate for the bicycle solutions that best fit their neighborhoods. With any luck, our entire region will one day be bike friendly, but for now we will settle for one neighborhood at a time.


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