Friends with benefits

Cycling has many benefits, and now Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson is happy to announce a few more. Here’s how it works: Next time you go out, go by bike. If you come across a Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson sticker, you’re in luck! These stickers identify businesses that share our vision for a happier, healthier, more bike friendly neighborhood; and to show their support, they’re offering these generous discounts to anyone who shows up by bike AND mentions Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson:

Adikt Footwear (3839 McKinney Avenue) – 10% off all regular price items

Highland Park Pharmacy (3229 Knox Street) – 10% off all items except prescription medications

Transit Bicycle Co. (3839 McKinney Avenue) -15% off service, 5% off merchandise

Stop by and thank them all for their support.

We’ll be announcing more partners soon, so keep an eye on our discounts page and help us spread the word. If you think that your favorite Uptown, Knox-Henderson, or East Dallas businesses would be interested in participating, tell them to contact us at

Also, we’d like to invite everyone to ride into spring with Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson! Join us for our inaugural group ride on March 21st. More details coming soon…

11 Responses to “Friends with benefits”
  1. Carl says:

    What can we do to get more stickers in the windows of restaurants and bars?

  2. Heather Lytle says:

    I helped to get the BFOC discounts up and running in Oak Cliff and was very excited to see that BFKH is going to get in on the bike-discounts. It looks like you’re off to a great start! Good work!!
    We managed to get a news reporter from CBS11 to come out and do a story on our discounts ( When you get your discount list finalized, I bet it would be worth checking to see if she would be interested in doing a follow up to show that the discounts are spreading!

  3. Getting discounts for cyclists is cool, and the sticker in the window is an awesome idea. Hopefully some bars in your hood will want to join the ranks very soon!

  4. Tad Miller says:

    Any chance the general population can get hold of some stickers for car windows, bike frames, helmets etc. ?

  5. cctex62 says:

    So you have to be riding your bike to redeem this or just mention it?

    • Hi Cctex62,

      You have to arrive by bike at the respective business to receive the discount. The idea behind the discounts program is to give people a bit of an incentive to cycle for regular every-day trips (rather than just for recreation), as well as to support local businesses that make an attempt to be bike-friendly.

      Enjoy the ride!

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