No bike rack? No car? No problem!

Have you ever wanted to haul your bike across town, but you didn’t have a bike rack (maybe you didn’t even have a car)?  Well now you can!  Practically all DART buses are now equipped with bike racks, and if you aren’t sure how to use them, DART offers this.  If you’re reading this from Fort Worth or Denton, not to worry…they’ve got them there too! 

We’ll be writing a lot more about biking in Uptown, East Dallas, and everywhere in between soon, but for now at least you know how to get your bike over here (unless you’re already here, in which case – tell your friends!).

4 Responses to “No bike rack? No car? No problem!”
  1. Ola says:

    Can I stay on the bike if it’s a nice day?

  2. pedallas says:

    Love you guys already !!!

  3. So how close are you guys to Mockingbird Station? And what is the closest rail station to Knox Henderson? I commute by rail and trail often when I’m headed downtown so a pit-stop in your neighborhood might work out nicely.

    Curious minds and all. And welcome!


    • Hi Chris,

      Knox-Henderson is pretty much half-way between Mockingbird and City Place stations, and our efforts to promote and improve the biking environment span that entire area. There are many ways to get to Knox-Henderson from Mockingbird Station, including riding down the Katy Trail to Knox or McMillan Ave. to Henderson. You could also use a bike rack and take bus 21 to Knox or 24 to Henderson from Mockingbird Station. I hope that helps!


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