Step 1: Get a bike

Now that Knox-Henderson is going all bike-friendly, you may want to get a bike or risk being left behind when the fun begins!  Getting a new bike is always cool, but getting a bike that’s hand-made deep in the heart of Texas…that’s REALLY cool.  Our friends at DALTEX Handmade Bicycles offer just that, and to make it even sweeter, they’re offering a $100 discount to anyone who is also a friend of BFKH on facebook!

2 Responses to “Step 1: Get a bike”
  1. Halz says:

    That’s super rad of them. I am going to write an article about Daltex for the BFOC blog very soon so I’ll be sure to give this a shout out.

    You guys should also look into partnering with local businesses to see if they will give some sort of discount to anyone who shows up on a bike. We’ve done this with BFOC and it’s been great for the community. You may have noticed our orange logo stickers in the windows of lots of OC businesses. I bet y’all would have tons of luck implementing this in your area. Make it happen!

    Here’s a link to how BFOC made it happen.

    Keep It Wheel

    • We have been making the rounds at local businesses. In fact, some are already displaying our stickers on their doors. We are just waiting for the exact details of the discounts that they will be offering…once they let us know we’ll blog all about it!



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