Ride your bike. Make a difference.

Welcome to Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson.  We’re excited to announce that we will be working to improve cycling infrastruture in Uptown and East Dallas.  This site will have a formal launch soon.  Please feel free to post a comment or send us an email so that we can let you know when the site launches.



3 Responses to “Ride your bike. Make a difference.”
  1. Wendy says:

    cheers!! I’m happy this idea is spreading!! can’t wait to participate!

    ~ the wife of originator of BFR

  2. In spite of the lack of a formal grand opening, we put up a “welcome” sign for you guys on our website. I am really looking forward to exploring more of your part of the city on bike.

    When is the first group ride? 🙂


    • Thanks Chris and Wendy! We’re excited to join you guys in this common cause! We’re not so much into formality, so I guess that’s why there was no formal launch. We just kinda got “rolling” and haven’t looked back. We will be announcing some group rides in the not-too-distant future, and we do hope you’ll join us!


      All of us at BFKH

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